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The curriculum is well balanced with theories and applications, which is not only designed to equip the students for industrial needs, but also helping students to achieve awards in many domestic and international competitions. Consequently, the Department has been accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education, Taiwan (IEET) since 2008. The following core competencies are designed according to the education goals:

a. Knowledge:
   Understanding fundamental knowledge in EE;
   Gaining practical skills in EE;
   Obtaining technical writing and presentation ability.

b. Problem-Solving:
   Skills for problem discovery and analysis;
   Skills for seeking and using resources for problem solving.

c. Teamwork:
   Ability to communicate and present efficiently and effectively;
   Ability to identify self and cooperate with others in a project.

d. Industrial Trend:
   Comprehending domestic and international trends;
   Understanding engineering ethics and social responsibility;
   Owning advanced skills in information technology;
   Communicating technical needs in English.